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This morning I got up and went out for the usual Rosemont route. I biked by this pile, saw a couple of record players and stopped to take a look. They looked decent (one was missing a needle) but someone had cut off the copper wires to sell for scrap. Too bad, I wouldn’t have been at all surprised if they were functional. I might have taken them regardless if I had by bike trailer with me as fixing the cord is an easy job but alas.

This badminton was hidden away in one of the bags. It looks to be in fine shape, just dusty. It might even be new as the plastic wrap is still on the handle.

I also took a bag full of sports team themed bottle-caps and a bag of some other sports memorabilia (rubber doilies, perhaps?) but they disappeared somewhere along the way. I imagine they jumped out of my bike’s milk crate when I hit one of Montreal’s many potholes. So it goes, I hope someone else finds them!

Later on I found this heavily pillaged trash on Marquette near Beaubien. Much of it was old and I wonder what I missed out on. I saw a couple of funeral pamphlets for an older man and I assume this pile is the result of his children cleaning house.

Though someone had already looked through it and made a big mess I did find a few things.

I found this old softball bat made by a “Title Products Ltd” out of Montreal. It’s a fairly heavy bat, probably made of maple as many are and is in pretty good shape. I play softball sometimes so maybe I’ll give ‘er a whirl at some point down the line.

There was a little jewelry box which contained a pair of great old cufflinks, one unmatched cufflink, and a couple of pins (including one for les Chevaliers de Colomb, known in English as the Knights of Columbus, a Catholic charity organization. In the back is a nice little make-up box.

I saved a small collection of these figurines which were part of a Red Rose tea promotion from back in the day. These are collectible so I’ll likely combine them with a few others I have lying around and put them up on Ebay.

This mug is pretty cool, the porcelain is very thin and the image is very glossy. I’ll think about using this one myself, but more likely I’ll put it in the yard sale.

I also found a bit of ephemera. I took this recipe book for party punch (1962 and featuring ads for 7-up) and another recipe book put out by a Quebecois egg company. I quite like the weird egg-man they drew up. These are destined for the yard sale.

Last is this St Christophe (Christopher) medallion. It looks like it’s made of heavily patinated silver.

I just sold the lamps I found a couple of weeks ago for 60$. Thanks to for following me and featuring them on the blog! I suggest you take a look at this site if you live in Montreal and are in the market for some vintage furniture.

Later on I’m going to explore the Thursday evening Rosemont route. It’s one of my favourites, I’ll let you know how it goes!

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