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Dobbs Fifteen


My Friday evening trip through the Plateau was largely uneventful. However, I did find a nice fedora. It lay under a bunch of junk in the closer of the two trash bins in the background. Inside the bins was a pretty random accumulation of things: a few small bags of screws, a couple of older-looking kitchen tools, and some other bric-a-brac that looked as if it had been in a garage or basement. It was hard to tell what the unifying motivation to “garbage” was.

The hat is a “Dobbs Fifteen.” It was fairly dusty but it cleaned off pretty easily, revealing that it was actually in really good shape. The consensus on Ebay is that it’s from the 1950s. One sold for 110$! It’s sort of fuzzy as well, which some collectors love based on what I’ve read.

It fits me pretty well though so I think I’ll keep it for myself! It’s good to have some nice hats. I think this would match well with a black suit. It might be time to hit up a Value Village to see if I can find one that fits.

Once in a while I find myself obsessed with a find and I spend a lot of time just looking at it. This hat falls into the categories, as do the golf clubs I found on Thursday night.

Later on I came across this electronic organ. It works, if kind of strangely, but it’s perfect for my room-mate who likes making music from this kind of stuff. The sound is very atmospheric, which I suppose is what organ music usually is anyways.

I had a yard sale today and made close to 60$. I’m going to do another one tomorrow as well, anyone who wants to check out my stuff should come to St Hubert and Gilford between noon and five. I’ll be somewhere (not sure exactly yet) around that intersection.

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