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Bes, Osiris, Khepri, and Marantz


I haven’t gone out as often the last couple of days because my bike needed some repairs. Of utmost importance was to change the rear tire which was getting pretty close to bursting, a dangerous situation for sure. I fixed that up at the bike co-op yesterday but unfortunately I didn’t have time to true the wheel. I feel a bump on every revolution of the wheel when I ride, which (I think, anyways) is a result of the wheel being out of tune. I don’t think it’s a particularly risky situation (assuming I don’t go too fast, that is) but it’s definitely annoying. It shouldn’t take too long to fix, I just need to get to the bike co-op while it’s open.

Tonight I went on my usual evening run of the Plateau.

I found this box full of plastic figurines and three ceramic sheep at the bottom of one of the bags. The plastic figurines look to be the various characters of ancient Egyptian mythology. They’re doesn’t seem to be anything wrong with them, I guess someone just lost interest! There’s 32 in all (and one missing it’s stand) which include such names as Bes, Osiris, and Khepri, who is a sun deity with a scarab for a head.

Later on I came across some stuff on rue Chateaubriand. I feel like someone moved into a new place and decided they didn’t have room for some of their things. Exhibit A is the empty moving boxes sitting on top of the bags.

I decided to take home the stereo amplifier sitting in-between all the boxes. It seemed like a good quality machine in decent cosmetic condition, and I know some of those are worth money even if they don’t work.

My instincts were right! The model, a Marantz 2220b, sells for up to 300$ in perfect shape on Ebay. Even an obvious parts/repair model sold for 51$. Here’s a link of the other 2220b’s that sold. According to wikipedia Marantz is a pretty high-end brand.

I tested it a little bit. The lights are fairly bright but not perfect. I didn’t hook it up to speakers but it played well into my headphones. Assuming further testing doesn’t find anything wrong I should be able to sell this piece for 100$ at a minimum. Not too shabby!

I also saved some books, many of which are pretty popular titles. Books often worry me because of the possibility of them having bugs, but I trusted my instincts and brought them home. I also inspected them just to be sure. I should be able to sell these pretty easily at a yard sale.

A pretty good day overall. I hope to fix my bike wheel tomorrow so I can be ready to garbage pick to my full potential next week.

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