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There wasn’t a lot to be found on my late-night expedition to Villeray. I did, however, find something useful in these bags containing moving “leftbehinds”.

Inside was a perfectly functional camera tripod. I found another tripod a couple of weeks ago when I was in VSL but this one is a bigger model that extends to almost my height. It’s nothing too fancy but it’s still worth decent money. I’m thinking though that it might come in handy for my own purposes.

I felt compelled to test it out when I stopped by some trash on Esplanade near de Liege and saw the moon hiding behind some clouds. Having a tripod really helps with night shots, as usually I need to summon the super-steady hands of a sniper to pull off even a merely okay shot in the dark. I didn’t realize before how much of a difference it made.

I may go out tomorrow morning. I’ll set my alarm and see how I feel when I wake up with 5 hours of sleep!

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