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Night moves


Last night I took another late-night run through Outremont and Rosemont. I’m going to do another evening shift in Villeray tonight before switching back to getting up in the early morning next week. It’s easier to see the trash and there’s generally a bit more on the curb, though I do miss the calm of the night what with the lack of cars and passersby.

There was some good stuff to be found in this pile on Vimy in Outremont. It was mostly clothes and old papers, many of which were written in Hebrew, but I came out with a few neat finds.

First off a firm (and very dusty) top hat. With a bit of cleaning this would be pretty nice!

This is one of those furs that hangs around your neck (sort of like a shawl?). It’s really clean and in great shape. I think I’ve found all the furs I’ve ever found in the last two months which is sort of strange.

These glasses (all of which are pretty strong prescription) have gold plated and gold-filled frames. Even if they don’t have any selling value I can drop them off at an optometrists for donation (or so I’ve heard, anyways).

This little metal calendar souvenir probably dates back to the 50s. It works great, not that there’s many parts to break anyways. I think it’s pretty cute so it’ll join my collection of knick-knacks in my room.

This vintage Swiss-made “Incabloc” mechanical watch states that it has 17 jewels. That’s a pretty good number of jewels but unfortunately I don’t think it works. It might still be good for parts or repair though so if anyone knows how to fix these or wants a project let me know. It’d be a nice watch if someone could get it going.

Last but not least is this tourism guide to British Columbia from the 60s. It’s really well designed and features some great artwork. A great piece of ephemera.

My most notable Ebay auctions have finished and I made some good money: a bit over 60$ for the St John’s medals and 128$ for the WWI dogtags. Most of the bidding for the dog tags happened in the last 15 minutes as before then they were sitting around 25$. I’m pretty happy with these results which increase my monthly profit to 250$ after accounting for Ebay fees.

Not bad, but not great considering there’s only 10 days left to this month. A nice yard sale at this point would boost my profits, however it’s looking like rain for this weekend (again) so that might have to wait.

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