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Escorial Grün


On Monday I came across a bunch of stuff in front of a home on Hotel-de-Ville. I saved a plastic container marked “fragile” inside of which was a number of older liquor bottles wrapped in newspaper. Many of them are full and unopened.

The most notable of the group are a bottle of O’Keefe beer with “1955” written on it in pen, a little bottle of Usquaebach Scotch that looks to be from the 70s, and a bottle of 112 Proof “Escorial Grün” from Germany (in the nice white bottle second from the left in the second row). Grün is green in German but I’m not sure what Escorial means.

It seems like a few of these could have value but they’re hard to sell given the fact that Ebay bans sales of alcohol. I’ll probably end up selling the majority of them at a yard sale.

I felt motivated and decided to do my Villeray trash run on Monday evening with the knowledge that it was supposed to rain a lot on Tuesday. I came away with a couple of nice teapots and this cute vintage lamp I figure I can get 20$ for.

The weather report for Tuesday was spot on. I went out for thirty minutes or so but I didn’t see much and decided to take the day off. I put a few things on Ebay and CL, including the silver coin from Germany and the St John’s Ambulance memorabilia. I started the St John’s stuff at 12$ and it’s been pretty popular, gaining a couple of bids and 13 “watchers” in less than a day.

Today’s my day off and I’m going to do a bit more of the same. I still have that Sony DVCAM player/recorder put to auction.

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