Impressing mom


It was rainy and a chilly last night and I decided to take the morning shift off. Good thing as I think I needed the rest.

My mother is in town visiting for a few days. We had a good time sorting through all the jewelry I have sitting around and she helped identify a few “new” silver pieces. I took her on a little walk around our neighbourhood to show her what I do, it was a bit early but I hoped to make a nice find. I spotted a few bags across the street, on Garnier near St-Gregoire, and figured I’d take a look.

The bag didn’t feel particularly interesting to the kick but I heard a little jingle that sounded like coins. I opened the bag and lo and behold, amongst a bunch of small kids toys, was 13.82$ in change, including a toonie and three loonies.

It was a nice little haul that showed off my gift of recognizing the different sounds of trash. I like to think my mom was fairly impressed!


I went out again a bit later on my own and I saw this beautiful dresser. I hope someone brought it home! I checked the drawers and came up with 11 cents. Don’t laugh, it all adds up I swear!


There wasn’t too much trash out today probably as a result of the dreary weather. However, in the box in the middle of this pile of trash I found some nice dishes wrapped up in newspaper.


This teapot and one matching mug are kind of funny and in perfect condition. It’ll definitely sell at a yard sale.


Here’s a nice tall New York Jets beer mug. It looks sort of vintage and might have some value to a collector.


A plate featuring Blanca Del Ray who’s apparently a pretty good flamenco dancer out of Madrid. There’s also an ashtray marked “RAMCA,” which is probably the (Spanish) Red Autónoma de Mujeres en la Comunicación Alternativa, which translated by Google to English is the Autonomous Network of Women in Alternative Communication.


Inside on of the bags was this Allsop 3 cassette cleaner kit. It looks unused and could be of use to someone who uses cassettes.


I left a few of the other dishes I didn’t want next to a Bixi (public bicycle) station. This is one of my favourite places to leave things, they’re pretty visible while also being sort of out of the way.

Anyways, the weekend has arrived which means some time off from picking. I’m going to hang out with my mom a bit more, clean my room (again), and maybe do another post about the things I found on Thursday.

5 thoughts on “Impressing mom”

  1. It is so dumb that people throw out money in the garbage.Congratulations on taking out the coins

  2. Yup, consider me impressed. 🙂

    That Allsop cassette cleaner looks quite involved, with it own case and all. I’ve never seen one like it before.

  3. I am so happy you took out the coins.I can’t believe people throw out money in the garbage.Do you think the person threw out the coins accidentally or on purpose because he or she did not care?Was this outside a wealthy home?

  4. You are so exasperating sometimes,it’s like a scene from the Godfather,”leave the gun,take the canoli.”Why did you leave the really beautiful bureau?That would have made your Mum proud bc unless it was all mouldy you could have sold it for at least $100.
    at least you took the 11 cents.
    I sure hope that you kept the little plates,I am telling you,take Blanca Del Ray to a person who knows his stuff and if it is in good condition,you will make a few bucks on that one.

    1. Unfortunately I have no space for drawers. I didn’t have my bike trailer with me and even as such it would have been pretty tough to move. That and my paranoia over bedbugs makes it an easy decision on my part. I just hope someone help got it!

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