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Today was nice and sunny and relatively cool, perhaps slightly cooler than my ideal temperature but still more comfortable from the humid heat of the past few days. I overslept and missed out on my morning trip to Rosemont but I made my usual run in the Plateau / Mile-End.

I found this pile of trash in the alley adjacent to Parc. It looked like someone moved away. Inside the long cardboard box was a green screen for making movies, which I moved to somewhere more visible for others to potentially find.

These new-in-plastic books were inside a never-opened parcel. I ended up leaving them in the Give Box on St Viateur.

My best find from this place, however, was this Sony DVCAM Player / Recorder. I never heard of this format before but apparently it’s popular for people shooting their own film, including journalists. Unfortunately I couldn’t find the DC adaptor which would allow me to test it (and it seems to use a strange connector). Still, a machine of the same model being sold for parts (and without a power cord) on Ebay ended up going for 140$. I’d be pretty happy with that!

I also came across this box of French-English translation books. Most focus on very technical translation, such as for use in plumbing and Canadian census data. I thought I’d drop them off somewhere where someone else might find them but I ended up just bringing them all the way home. If anyone has any interest in these let me know and maybe we can arrange some sort of trade.

Not a bad start to the week. I’m going to a friend’s in NDG tonight, which I may use as an excuse to check out the trash in Verdun. I’ll keep you posted.

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