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I opened a trash bin next to an apartment complex and saw a piece of luggage. I took a look inside and found a couple of old fur hats, a fur scarf and a well broken-in catcher’s mitt.

The fur is “shedding” a bit but seems to be in pretty good shape. I think they could use a good clean though. What’s the best way to clean fur? My first guess would be dry-cleaning, but if anyone has any suggestions let me know. These could have some value when the cold weather inevitably comes around again.

I also found a 10k white gold earring sitting on top of a trash bag underneath that suitcase. I scoured the rest of the bin, which smelled pretty gross by the way, but didn’t come up with any other precious metals. I’ll add this piece to my junk gold collection.

I had a pretty good day selling things off Craigslist. I finally sold the nice set of china for 90$, a manual typewriter for 60$ and the Peavy Rage amp for 30$. That adds up to 180 which raises my monthly total to 445$. That’s basically enough to cover rent, bills, and a basic amount of food for the month. I’m treading water and that’s not too shabby.

Tomorrow morning I’m heading off to Villeray. It’s nearing the end of the month so I’m hoping to make some nice finds.

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