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Silver Cross Pram

silver cross pram

I didn’t find much in NDG and Westmount, but while biking through the McGill Ghetto I noticed this old “Silver Cross” baby carriage (or pram, since it’s made in England) in an alley. I normally wouldn’t have been able to bring this home, but part of the reason I was in NDG was to meet a reader who offered to lend me his bike trailer.

Thanks to John I was able to wheel this thing home. It smells a bit musty (I think it was being stored in a garage) but overall it’s in quite good shape. If anyone wants to buy it let me know.

While in NDG I also dropped off the slides from the other day to have them digitized. I found someone on Kijiji who gave me a good price and decided to pay rather than spend many hours (and dollars) figuring out how to do it myself. Hopefully the pictures end up being worth the price. I’m excited to see them regardless.

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