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A pirate (of the Barbary Coast)


I came across this little case in the alley between Parc and Hutchison close to Van Horne. Inside was a little portable typewriter.

It’s an old manual Smith Corona “Corsair Deluxe.” Corsair is another word for pirate (especially one by the Barbary Coast) which is another example a continuing theme of product names that doesn’t match the product. It’s in really great condition cosmetically and functionally. I did a bit of typing with it and the letters are a bit smudgy; I expect that it just needs a little cleaning.

This typewriter is popular on Ebay and has sold for as high as 90$. I didn’t find much else in my evening run but I’m pretty happy with this alone!

I’ve got some things to do tomorrow morning in NDG. While I’m out there I’ll check out the garbage day of the west sector of Westmount and the east part of NDG. Hopefully I’ll come across something interesting in these fairly well-to-do areas.

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