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A time to tarot


Yesterday was even colder and windier than Monday and I didn’t stay out especially long. The only things I brought home (other than that tent from the second-hand post below) were from here.

I stopped for the plastic box. There was a power drill inside and I took it home. It didn’t work – the battery seems to be mostly dead – but I put it on Craigslist and a couple of people emailed me back. Someone’s supposed to come pick it up soon, so that’s good.

Inside the bags were lots of screws, nails, and other toolsy stuff. There was also this pack of tarot cards. I know nothing of tarot but the cards are really beautifully designed and in fantastic shape. The same deck of cards sold for 56$ on Ebay, but the box is a bit dinged up so it’d likely go for a bit less.

There were also three watches including a cool pocketwatch. They all need batteries but look fine. I’ll put them up for cheap at a future yard sale.

It’s cool and windy again today so I’ll take this opportunity to poke through my bag of jewelry. I should have a post about my favorite pieces later tonight or tomorrow.

Site news: I created a facebook page for the blog. Type “Things I find in the garbage” into your search and you’ll find it!

I also created a subreddit ( that anyone can use to post pictures of the trash they find. I’m not sure if this will take off (or if it’s the best medium) but the tool is there if you want it.

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