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Yesterday’s trash run reinforced the fact that I’m going to need to buy a good backpack if I’m going to be an effective garbage picker in the coming months. I currently only have a little milk crate on the back of my bike to carry things but it’s not nearly enough. I think I’m going to buy one of those big hiking backpacks; that way I can be sure I can take home as much as I want.

I came across some nice stuff in these bags on Cartier near Mont-Royal.

I found this glue gun – tested it and it works fine.

Some painting supplies and a lot of screws. Screws are kind of expensive so it’s nice to save these. I have a growing collection of screws and nails from the trash now – not just from Thursday but from last September too. I also found a nice mallet – I have one exactly like it that I once used for leather-making.

Two paint trays that are definitely usable.

A pair of Fostex T20 headphones…

My room-mate tested them out and they work great! They’re actually pretty nice headphones. Very comfortable. I looked them up on Ebay and other used ones are selling for between 50-79$. Definitely a good find!

I came across this stuff not far up the road. Inside the case in the foreground I found something I had to bring home, even though it’s pretty common to find them in the garbage.

I can’t resist bringing home typewriters. This one’s a Smith-Corona “Enterprise.” I like it a lot – the colour scheme fits my style.

I think I’ll keep it for myself – it might encourage me to write more. It works great and there’s even a good quantity of ink. It was a pain in the ass getting this back – I had to keep it on my handlebars because I already had most of a hardware store sitting in my crate – but I’m glad I made the effort.

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