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Old Husqvarna


I made it out on a trash run late Friday night. I came across this trash pile not far from my place.

I saw one of these odd shaped suitcases and assumed it was a typewriter.

However, it was an old sewing machine! It was made by Husqvarna, a company that I associated more with chainsaws and landscaping companies than sewing machines. From what I see online it was probably made in the 50s or 60s.

I love the aesthetic of the machine and how sturdy (/heavy) it is.

The sewing machine lay in front bazar which supports the Christian nunnery on Mont Royal. I figure someone donated this hoping that it would be fixed up and be put to good use.

Whoever left the sewing machine attached a note indicating how the belt was broken. I think there might be more wrong with it – there were no signs of life when I plugged it in. Unless that’s just me not finding the “on” button.

Edit (12:30am): A reader noted that sewing machines don’t work without the pedal plugged in. I didn’t know that. I tried it out and it powered up normally. With a now lively motor, I Macgyvered a belt out of an old elastic band. The elastic band actually serves the purpose quite well, even if it’s a temporary fix. So, after all that, it looks like the Husqvarna works just fine!

It came with a pedal and some nice old accessories.

I found two boxes full of dishes and decided to stash them in an alley so they wouldn’t be thrown out. I’ll check up on them on Tuesday to see if they’re still around. If anyone wants them check the alley going north off Roy just before Park Lafointaine. I left them next near an electrical box. No guarantees they’re still there though!

A big box of candy on St Hubert. It had passed it’s “best before” dates but didn’t feel especially stale.

A purse was casually thrown on top of this pile of junk. I couldn’t see anything wrong with it!

In the box sitting atop the trash can I found…

…a bunch of canned food. Some had expired, but I (and some of my most experienced readers) know that it’s still good to eat. I had one of the cans of curry for dinner and it was pretty good!

The people inside were clearly packing so I expect this was just stuff they decided wasn’t worth moving. I’ll have to check this place out next trash day to see if there’s anything else they decided they didn’t want.

Overall I’m pretty pleased with my Friday haul. Hopefully a sign of things to come!

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