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A good example


There hasn’t been much trash worth posting about this week. It has been mild, however, and it looks like the warm weather is here to stay (at least for the most part). That means spring cleaning is coming, which could mean some cool trash. It also makes biking around the city a bit more pleasant.

I came across this vaccuum in the trash yesterday (on the corner of Clark and Villeneuve) and I thought it served as a good example of how to give things away via the curb. It was left out long before the truck was scheduled to come and it had attached to it a sign indicating how it was in working condition.

I happened to need a vaccuum, at least for one job, so I took it back home and will likely give it away again after I’m done. So, thanks to whoever put this out there! I likely wouldn’t have bothered otherwise.

I’m going to take a look for more trash tonight, so there’s still a chance I could make a cool find this week. I’ll keep you posted.

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