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Garbage gold


I decided yesterday to bike up to Rosemont to sell some scrap gold I found in the trash (including this ring (on the top), a small necklace from this post, and an earring I apparently never put on the blog). They had been in the change pocket of my wallet for a quite a while, so it was about time I got around to doing this. All together I made 45$.

Garbage day in Rosemont is Monday and Thursday mornings. It was around 2 in the afternoon and I figured that the garbage would be long gone. However, I quite accidentally came across a few streets that still hadn’t been collected. I decided to check them out.

Good thing too. In the middle bin of the three furthest from the sidewalk, I found a bunch of jewelry, some of which was gold. There’s at least twice as much (in weight) as I had just sold.

This flashy ring is marked as being 10k. There’s another mark that I can’t quite make out.

These cool earrings are also marked as 10k.

This cross is marked 10k and “TI,” which probably means Titanium.

This is a watch pendant in the shape of a key by Pierre Nicol. It’s covered in pink jewels and looks sort of fancy. It’s a bit odd as I can’t find any other watches like this online.

A vintage Avon cross. I saw someone online trying to sell it for close to 20$, so I’ll likely put it up for 15 or so on Etsy.

I’m not sure if these pieces are gold. They’re not marked, but not all gold is marked. I bit into them and it left a little mark, which is a good sign. There’s also no wear of the gold hue, also a good sign.

More jewelry. None of this is “precious,” but there’s still some decent stuff in here, including a good selection of beads.

There’s more jewelry, but I’ll save that for another post!

I also saved this soup toureen from one of the bins. There’s nothing wrong with it, not even a chip. It was made in Portugal.

On the way home I came across these bins. It’s the same place where I found some cool old stuff (including some jewelry) in this (somewhat disjointed) post from last April. There was a lot of scrap metal – old electronics and a disassembled satellite dish. As I was leaving someone who drives around collecting scrap metal came and picked it up. I’m glad to see it didn’t go to waste.

In this pile I saw this piece from an exhaust. It has “Hebo Racing” marked on it. Some young guy walked by and told me it was for a scooter, which was later confirmed by Google. I didn’t really catch the rest, but I think he said that it was worth 50$ at least.

I can’t be sure about that, but it does seem to be in decent shape. There’s a couple of dents and some (very) mild surface rust, but it looks good otherwise. I may just put it on Ebay “as is.”

Hopefully I’ll find some more stuff tonight. Either way, expect to see the rest of the jewelry tomorrow!

That’s all for now!

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