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I took a walk on Friday and found this pile of stuff in an alley. I think it had been there a while. There were lots of old records but they were all frozen together – unless they were put outside when wet they must have been sitting there since the last thaw.

The garbage truck doesn’t come down this alley, so unless someone brought it to the curb it’s probably still sitting there.

I found a few things of interest:

This piece of art (titled “Riyadh” and coated in a small amount of snow) is by someone named Paul Rose. I liked it and stashed it along a fence a bit further in the alley to make sure it didn’t go to waste. I may go back and see if it’s still around!

I also like the old door in behind.

The tag on the back of the art. Translation: the artist wants the power to put this piece on display in the future.

A wire candle holder featuring an elephant and two bells. Pretty cute right? I enjoyed the sound of the bells dinging for the rest of my walk.

A ship’s wheel. It’s missing a spoke but it still looks cool as a decoration. It looks fairly old.

Finally, some old electronic stuff. I don’t know specifically what these would do. Let me know if you do! I figure that even if they’re not practically useful they could still be good for an art project.

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