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February blues


It seems like we’re at that point in the winter where people are quite content to hibernate until it’s over. There’s not too much being thrown out and I haven’t gone out to look quite as much partly as a result (and partly because I feel like hibernating a bit myself).

I did make it out briefly on Tuesday. I came across this lamp sitting next to a couple of bags on the curb.

At first I thought it was vintage, but I think that it’s just designed to look that way. Regardless, it’s a pretty nice lamp. It does have a couple of flaws, however. One is that the cord has been cut off. The other is that it reeks of cigarette smoke.

I know how to fix the cord issue, but I’d appreciate any suggestions as to how to get rid of the cigarette smell! I looked it up online but came out more confused than anything.

This was a little further up the street. It was in the same place where I found the stuff for my “Marketing waste” post that was Freshly Pressed. In all those boxes were old files from a marketing firm (which definitely could have been recycled).

One box was full of old magazines. Most of the ones I saw were about art and design.

Some old audio thing. I thought about taking it back and putting it on CL for parts, but it looks sort of stripped as is. I also just wasn’t feeling motivated enough to bother.

I actually found this nice little teapot with the juicer and drink mixes last Thursday but I forgot to post it. I think it’s worth adding though. It was pretty clean when I found it so getting it ready for use wasn’t a challenge. It has a built in removable tea leaf which is quite handy, especially since I drink mostly loose tea. I also like that it’s a nice size for one person – my other teapot is much bigger and better suited for social occasions. In short I’m pretty glad I found it!

I hope to have some more to show you soon!

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