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Round 2

And now for round two in my series of the things I found on Monday.

A Zippo lighter from the 80s in it’s original box. It seems to be pretty much unused, but the flint has disappeared. It looks like it turned into a dust… is that possible?

A vintage Waterman fountain pen. The tip (and maybe the goldish inlays on the pen) is 14k gold.

A nice old tin, marked Zaanse Schans, which is a place in Holland.

Here’s a cool cigarette case with a native design on the front. On the bottom is a price-tag that says 15$, so I’ll try to get that on Etsy!

This Eastman Kodak Timer has a bit of rust on the top but it still works like it should. It probably would have been used mostly in dark rooms (given the brand name). You wind it up as you would an old alarm clock.

Here’s an old Seagram Whiskey pitcher. It’s in perfect shape – no cracks or chips or anything. It seems weird for a whiskey company to make a promotional pitcher but it happened.

And finally here’s a cigarette case, made by the MacDonald cigarette company, commemorating the 1953 Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II (who’s still going now in 2012, pretty impressive!). It’s a beautiful piece in perfect condition. Some guy in Calgary is trying to sell the same one for 100$, so maybe I can get a bit of cash for it.

Keep checking back! I’ll probably have some more stuff up tomorrow.

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