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I didn’t have much time yesterday (before Thanksgiving dinner pt. 2) to go out and look around.

However I did see these bags, and a kick revealed that the front bag contained some pretty heavy metal stuff, which is often good.

What I found was a lot of pretty good kitchenwares. This picture didn’t turn out too well, but I took a lot of this stuff home and stashed some more in the alley for others to find.

I got a great thermos (looks brand new!), a glass juicer, a few reusable coffee cups, and a peeler that looks like it also cuts things into small strings. I took the steel wool (left), but it’s a very fine wool and I think it’s more for furniture than anything, so I may put it outside for someone else. I also took the cast iron platters at the bottom and gave them to my friend who works as a cook.

I’m going out to take a look around right now – I’ll keep you posted if I find anything.

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