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Poster – “Vaccination Clinic in Dingbatland”

I found this strange poster in the trash a few weeks ago. The caption is “Vaccination Clinic in Dingbatland” and it’s based on a painting by Gunter Scherrer made in 1981. It’s in really great shape, other than a small tear going upwards from the bottom.

I did some research into the “Dingbats.” They were created in 1915 to be featured in a calendar given to customers of Charles Elliot Frosst’s pharmaceutical company. It was intended to be “appealing” to the audience and it was, with Dingbat calendars being made until 1996. Apparently “the Dingbat calendars were discontinued as a result of a Canadian industry’s association decision that the Dingbat promotion was unfair competition.” I’m not sure how that works, but it’s too bad. I think the Dingbats are pretty neat.

This poster was created from the same tradition of the calendars. You would have seen it at the doctor’s office, pharmacy, or the hospital, making what is generally an undesired experience just a bit more pleasant.

This poster was recently in a Museum Exhibit called “Growing up in Montreal”. It went a few years, ending in 2007. Too bad, it probably would have been interesting to see.

This is a nice piece of Canadian history. It wasn’t made that long ago (1982), but it’s fair to wonder how many there are left, especially in this condition. I’d like to frame it. Maybe I can put it up on my wall, or maybe sell or barter it for something. We’ll see. I’ll keep you posted!

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