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Lots of jewelry and cool vintage housewares

Yesterday I came across this pile of trash only a few blocks away from my place. I ended up finding a lot of cool stuff that might end up making me a bit of cash. I’m glad I snapped this shot of where I found it, because it’s kind of hard to believe some of this stuff was in the trash.

I doubt anyone chose to throw this out, so I figure someone else threw it out for them and perhaps didn’t pay much attention to what they were throwing out. I’m guessing that someone passed away, or perhaps had to move into a retirement home, as a lot of the stuff is quite old. There was a lot of nice looking art, but I didn’t end up taking any of as it wasn’t quite my style. Fortunately, some other people walking by did.

Anyways, there’s a lot of jewelry, a lot of which is sterling silver and quite old. There’s also some vintage ceramics and glass housewares and other odds and ends. Take a peek!

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