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Cool vintage ring and some rosin

The move is finally done, and that means more time for trash. I took a bike ride on Monday but came up empty. Tuesday was pretty quiet too, but I did find a couple of things. I also explored some parts of the city I haven’t spent much time in before because of my new starting point, so that was cool. I now live on the border of two garbage days, and that can only be a good thing.

I may have found a good dumpster diving spot by a grocery on Mont-Royal and Cartier. There was lots of decent looking fruit just set out on the curb. I appreciate this practice, as it’s clear that their intention was for people to take it, which is in stark contrast to the practices of most groceries. I took home some cherries and bananas, both of which were pretty great.

A big box of bananas from the same place.

I found a little container of cello rosin in a box full of papers and miscellaneous items. Cello players need it so that the bow hair grips the strings better and makes it sound better. This stuff seems really hard, but I figure it’s supposed to be like that. It’s the same stuff as this, which apparently has an “indefinite shelf life,” so I figure it must still be good.

Now for the ring, which was in the same box as the rosin. This ring looks pretty cool and I’ve never seen anything quite like it. The box says “10 kt” and “Ster” is engraved inside the ring, so I figure it must be silver. I tried to find a reference online for “Opera”, the name which appears on the case, but no luck.

If I wore rings I may wear this one, but I suppose instead I’ll save it for my future Etsy store! I might have to clean out that lint first though, that Macro setting makes it really obvious.

That’s all for now. Still have to get back to y’all about all that paper I found. Maybe tomorrow?

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