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Cleaning up an old holy water font

I’ve been cleaning up in preparation for my move and I found this holy water holder (apparently called a “font”). I rescued it from the trash a while back, and had more or less forgotten about it.

It had white paint on it as was the style sometime in the past, but I thought it would look better without. So, I looked to see if I could find a way to clean it without harsh chemicals.

Thanks to some advice found here, I discovered a good technique that uses only boiling water and baking soda.

Here it is in process. The technique calls for you to use a pot you won’t use to cook again, as paints can be poisonous, and this pot fit the bill.

Now it’s way more shiny. I’m not sure what I’ll do with it: I could put it with my yard sale, or maybe I can get into using holy water, who knows. But, keep this technique in mind if you want to get paint off good metal items, it works pretty well!

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