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Some interesting evening finds

I took my friend’s bike out past St-Denis, and came back with some pretty interesting finds.

First off I found some vinegars (balsamic and white wine) with a couple of liqueurs (Curacao, and some blackcurrant stuff). There’s a decent looking spatula and some cool retro matches too. I’m sure it’s all good, not much can happen to vinegar or booze. I’m not really a liqueur kind of guy in general, so I’ll probably let someone else drink it regardless.

Right up the alley I came across this bunch of books.

Some of them were in poor condition, but a lot were alright. And pretty old. Lots of stuff from the early 1900s. A lot was about Canadian and Quebec laws, and there was definitely a sovereigntist theme.

These “Young Catholic Messengers”  are pretty hilarious. I brought them all home. There’s like 20 of them, all from around 1954.

An assortment of mostly French books.

This was the oldest. The date at the bottom says 1886. It’s in pretty poor condition, but the pages inside are decent and intact. The guy had put it into it’s own little cover to keep it protected. It seems to be an official report by a judge regarding the decision to allow Louis Riel to be executed.

I found this stuff in the garbage of a little second-hand store run by some charity around Gilford and Garnier. The bins were really accessible, and full of some pretty decent stuff. I like the vintage suitcase on the back left.

I thought these (embroidered?) things were pretty cute. The one on the right is of Yarrow, one of my favorite plants. It must have been realistic, because it looks like a wasp decided to check it out.

I found this in with the books. I love finding this old-school paraphernalia. On the back is a little calendar from 1964. 

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