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Late finds on the 19th

I’m still waiting to see if I work today. If not, I might bike on over past St-Denis and see what they have there. But for now, here’s what I found last night.

I found a bunch of food in residential garbage bags. I found all this in two different places, but in both cases there was other food waste in the bag too, so I spent a bit of time cleaning it off and repackaging it. There’s some walnuts, almonds, bread crumbs, and some other canned goodness.

I found this stuff on Esplanade between Laurier and St Joseph. The coffee grinder is pretty cool. We tried it out last night, and it actually makes a pretty fine grain. I traded it to my roommate for 10$ off future bills. Garbage profit! This garbage was all pretty clean. Classic spring cleaning. The box of ties is sweet too.

All kinds of personal and business papers, in the same place as the last. 

The guy also threw out this “W” (or “M”) shaped thing. I’m a bit confused as to how this would have been used. I thought about going back, but I got tired and didn’t make it.

A busted-ass laptop in a laundry container.

I don’t return cans I find that often, but this was too easy. I found 24 20c cans and 2 5c cans, and returned them for 4.90$. This guy had a very diverse taste in beer, ranging from Blue Dry 6.1 all the way to Blue Dry 10.1. A couple of Molson Dry 7.5 too. There was also like 7 empty forties of Jack, and an empty gigantic cigarette pack. I’ve never seen that size before. 


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