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I went for a (m…

I went for a (most excellent!) dinner at my sister’s tonight out by Cote-Vertu metro. There’s a much different vibe given off in this area, and that’s reflected in the garbage too. I think their garbage day is tomorrow, and there was a fair bit of stuff tonight. I took a little walk, from past Cote-Vertu to Du College metro, as I ate a bit too much chocolate and didn’t feel like sitting on the metro for the 30 minutes home right away. Not much was worth taking though: lots of home renovations, a bunch of toilets, and so on. 

This was on Alexis-Nihon. This bag was full of cleaning type stuff, and odds and ends. I scavenged a tall candle and a box of littler ones. Nothing really interesting otherwise.

I found this fake plant in the garbage, and hung it from a traffic light. I wonder how long it’ll stay there.

This pile interested me right away, so I took this picture. Not long after I started rummaging, someone upstairs asked (in French) what I was looking for. I answered “des choses bon” (Good stuff). He replied “il y a rien de bon dedans” (there’s nothing good in there). I wasn’t so sure, but I’m not going to make a bit deal out of it. All I really saw that interested me was some old Nintendo controller looking thing. Not sure how old exactly, but I think the really old Nintendo stuff is kind of collectible. I’ll never know now, I suppose.

I found this box with some newspaper lying casually on top. Usually that means porcelain, fragile glassware, or ceramics, so my interest was piqued. Unfortunately, all that was in it were these pretty crappy dollar store figurines. Pass. 

Back in the Plateau, I found this a couple of blocks away from my house. I took the teapot, which is actually quite nice and perfectly clean. This box was set up for people to take stuff from, so it’s more like “semi-garbage.” Still, I did find it. It may instantly be my favorite teapot, since there’s even a little filter thing to make using loose tea easier, and it looks like it would pour nicely.

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