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Odds and ends

It’s the day after and I have a bit of time to look at some odds and ends.

I’m not sure I mentioned this little milk jug in my last post. I found it near the end, and didn’t really have the time to take an individual picture (the garbage trucks were getting close). It’s a nice piece, and there was a faint mark on the bottom.

I used some parchment paper and a pencil to bring out the mark a bit more. I learned this technique back in the day from my mom, when we went to graveyards and wanted to read the really old, worn out tombstones. It’s still hard to read, but “Crespots” comes out pretty clear (ironically, a few minutes later I found out through some Google magic that it actually says “Grespots”. Another part reads “Digoin”, which Google says is a part of Eastern France. There also might be a signature; I see a “M. le (??)”. Someone’s trying to sell a pretty similar pot on Etsy for 25$. Not sure I’d get that, but under the right conditions maybe I could get something close. I’ll have to look into Etsy again. It’s seems like a good way to maximize value for this vintage-y stuff.

I found this shell amongst the stuff. It’s pretty cool, and has some cool ridge action which doesn’t really come out in the picture.

This is a close up of the Beauce pottery. I like the natural feel of the colors. It seems like Beauce is pretty collectible, so I’m optimistic I might be able to get maybe 5$ a piece, conservatively. I’m going to have to look into Etsy for sure. 

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