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And now here’s…

And now here’s the evening run. I started around 6 and got back around 8 or so. I went a little bit nuts today, I think, trying to find cool stuff to put on here. I probably walked about 3-3.5 hours today. I’m thinking I should give biking a try… I definitely think it could improve efficiency, but it also makes it a bit less meditative. I guess I could do a bit of both too. Anyways, on with the results.

I found a couple of mugs in a bag full of other crap. They could use a good wash, but their decent.The white one is passable, mostly because there’s a map of the world on it. I’ll probably put that on the street again, cleaned and in a position to be seen. The other one is more my style. If I had to pick my top 5 mugs in the house (and there are many), it might make it, if just barely. 

I found this pile of really worn out crap. The dresser would have been really beautiful sometime in the past, but it’s warped now, as if it’s been outside. There’s a mattress spring in the background too that must have lied outside for a damn long time to get in that condition. Buddy probably really let his backyard go. 

In the bag was this magazine announcing TSN’s arrival on basic cable, dated 1989.

A pile of stuff likely left behind by some business. One of the bags was half full of business papers, and half garbage. Sometimes you can find cool odds and ends in that kind of stuff, but nothing in there was particularly interesting. I wish they would have recycled instead. The desk was decent, but way too heavy for me to try to move myself (and then, to do what with it, exactly?). The chair was decent, so I decided to try to find it a new home.

It’s new home turned out to be a block away, in front of an abandoned home. Makes me wonder who the owner of this building is. The property is probably worth close to 500k, in a gorgeous area, and is basically being left to rot. Anyways, they have a chair now.

Found a mirror with that’s yellowish web-like pattern that seemed to appear on mirrors for a while, probably in the 70s or something. I couldn’t figure out if I thought it was cool or what. I think that it’s probably cool. It was far from home though, so I stashed it in an alley. Maybe someone else will find it and bring it home.

This is one of those piles I avoid. It fits the “bedbug profile.” The mattress is the biggest warning sign, and the cloth chair accompanying it, though it looks in decent shape, certainly adds to the feeling. The stools in the background could have been okay, but it was definitely IKEA and that doesn’t really fit in with the vibe I usually go for. 

A garbage bag with at least two 20c Heineken cans. I might have taken these, but they were surrounded by a bunch of gross looking napkins/kleenex. I’ll pass. I wish people would a) not throw out recyclables b) leave it out for people to return.

I found a Jack Daniels tin with a bunch of decent wood chess pieces. And a penny. The pieces are close to the ones I have in my set, and I’m missing a few so this works out. I’m recycling the tin. If anyone wants it, check my recycling bin. I doubt anyone wants it though, because it’s not that nice, and Jack Daniels isn’t that good.

My favorite find of the night! And only a half-block from my house. More on this soon.

Got a good litre of bubble stuff now. It’s been a while. Maybe I’ll try it again, or give it to the kids upstairs.

It’s a bunch of dishes. Some of them are a bit odd, some of them are quite nice. I like the gravy-pouring roosters the most.

They all seem to be of the “Beauce Canada” marque. It’s possible I could get money for these. I’ll do some more research later. Unless someone wants to do it for me… Mom?? I’m kidding, I’ll do it. Unless you beat me to it. 


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